If you travel south from St Louis on Highway 21, you'll eventually come to the little town of Hillsboro.  That's where Jennifer's Grandpa, John, moved his family to begin a new life three generations ago.  Jennifer's Dad was raised on that farm and eventually built his own house on the family land, and that's where Jennifer and her two sisters grew up.  At five years old, Jennifer’s parents took her to a horse show in Hillsboro and immediately Jennifer knew she had to ride.  She relentlessly begged her parents for a pony.  Her parents finally gave in and from that summer on she was either on the back of an animal or cleaning the stalls. The barn was part of the old milk house just north of the creek and just across the drive from her Grandpa's shop, where he spent his time restoring antique cars.  Jennifer could hear his tools clanking from the pasture where she rode.  IN the evening, Jennifer’s Dad would come home from whatever construction site he was on that week and Jennifer’s mom would call down from their house up the hill and the family would have dinner.  Days were long on that Missouri farm, and Jennifer remembers it with sweet nostalgia, sad that things always have to change.


The country life Jennifer lived eventually led to a love of country music and trips to Nashville, where her eyes were opened to the business of music.  As a teenager she felt the pull to Music City, not to be a performer, but to involve herself in the country music business.  Truth is, Jennifer was scared to death to sing in front of other people.  Her parents new how naturally gifted Jennifer was, but even if they offered to pay her, she wouldn't consent to singing in public, even in their little country Church.  But In 1994 she met Jeromy and their love for music led them to drive around for hours in the car listening to the radio and singing along.  Jennifer's talent was exposed and eventually Jeromy coaxed her to sing with him around the piano.   Something magic happened when they sang together and it would be the beginning of a music duo that has inspired and entertained audiences for almost twenty years.  


As Jennifer and Jeromy continue to live and grow and make the music of FFH, the songs continue to sound more and more like how they were raised.  For Jennifer, that means a return to her roots on the farm, and the music of the little Church she grew up in in Hillsboro.  The sound is earthy and echoes the timeless nature of the music she loves.  After thousands of hours on stage, Jennifer is finally over her fear of singing in front of audiences.   But she's still the most at peace when she's home on the farm, walking around under the trees, listening to the sounds of nature and getting her fingernails dirty.  Nothing makes her happier than seeing her kids get dirty playing outside.  And there's nothing she enjoys more than being part of the timeless beauty of creation and all that's still to be discovered.